Extension of stricter penalty zone around Christiania

The Copenhagen police have decided to extend the stricter punishment zone in and around Christiania until January 10, 2025. This zone, which was introduced on 10 January 2024, aims to improve security in the area by imposing tougher penalties for the possession and sale of drugs. Police Commissioner Anne Tønnes emphasizes that the extension is necessary to keep criminal groups away and support Christiania’s transformation plan. Since January, about 800 cases of drug possession and 460 cases of drug sales have been registered in the area. The goal of these measures is to ensure the safety of both residents and businesses in the area.

The stricter penalty zone means that the police have increased powers to carry out checks and intervene against drug-related crime. This has already resulted in several arrests and seizures, which shows the increased activity on the part of the police to counteract the illegal drug activity in Christiania. This extension is seen as a necessary step to continue to push back the criminal networks operating in the area and to create a safer environment for everyone who stays there.

Pusher Street was shut down

In April 2024, the residents of Christiania took a big step in the fight against crime by digging up the infamous Pusher Street. The street has long been known as a center for hashish sales and gang activity, which has contributed to the unsafe environment in the area. This initiative by the residents themselves is part of a broader effort to reduce criminal activity and restore order in Christiania. The closure of Pusher Street marks an important milestone in the work to improve the safety and security of everyone who lives and works in the area. It also shows a strong local commitment and a willingness to take back control of their local area from criminal elements.

History of Christiania

Christiania, located in central Copenhagen, was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies who occupied an abandoned military area. The aim was to create a self-governing society based on collective and alternative lifestyles. Over the decades, Christiania has become known for its unique culture, artistic expression and liberal views on drugs, especially hashish. Despite many attempts by the authorities to close down the area or change its status, Christiania has survived and continued to be a hub for creativity and freedom-seeking individuals.

Change and development of the Freetown

Over the years, Christiania has undergone many changes and faced various challenges. Despite this, the area has retained much of its original character and continues to be an important cultural and social experiment. Residents have worked hard to preserve their independence and unique lifestyle, while adapting to external pressures and internal needs. Christiania remains a symbol of freedom, creativity and resilience in the heart of Copenhagen.

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