New Monograph for Medical Cannabis: Important Information for Patients

From July 1, 2024, new standards for medical cannabis will apply according to the European Pharmacopoeia. This monograph outlines quality requirements for cannabis flowers to ensure the high quality of medical cannabis products in 39 countries, including the UK.

What is a monograph?

Monographs in pharmacopoeias describe medical preparations and their quality standards, which are required for medicines to be marketed legally. The European Pharmacopoeia is recognized in many countries and helps to ensure continuity of standards across borders.

What’s New in the Cannabis Flowers Monograph

The monograph defines cannabis flower as dried, fully developed female inflorescences of Cannabis sativa L. It describes methods for the production, identification and investigation of cannabinoid content. It also establishes limits on contaminants, moisture content, and the presence of seeds and leaves.

  • THC-dominant type: Minimum 5% THC, maximum 1% CBD
  • THC/CBD Intermediate Type: At least 1% THC and CBD
  • CBD dominant type: Minimum 5% CBD, maximum 1% THC

What does this mean for patients who need cannabis medicine?

This standardization is expected to lead to better quality and harmonization of medical cannabis in the countries that accept the monograph. This will reduce the prevalence of substandard cannabis products and improve patient safety in Europe.

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