Successful referendum in Slovenia on cannabis

In connection with the European Parliament elections on 9 June 2024, an advisory referendum was also held in Slovenia regarding the use of cannabis. The two referendums initiated by the Pirate Party resulted in clear support for the medical use of cannabis, while the issue of private use was more controversial and divided the population almost evenly.

The majority of Slovenian voters, a whopping 66.54%, voted in favor of allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, indicating a strong public acceptance and understanding of the potential health benefits of cannabis in medical contexts. This can open doors for the development of new treatment methods and give patients access to alternative pain relief methods.

When it comes to the use of cannabis for private use, the result was more divided, with 51.53% in favor and 48.47% against. This reflects an ongoing debate in society about whether cannabis should be available for recreational purposes, with arguments for both individual freedom and potential social consequences.

Prime Minister’s remarks

After the vote, Prime Minister Robert Golob commented on the results and underlined the importance of careful and well-thought-out legislation. He pointed out that legislation for the medical use of cannabis could be in place before the end of the year, which is a sign of the government’s readiness to act quickly on the will of citizens. He also stressed that the issue of recreational use requires more discussion and consultation with experts.


Referendum o rabi konoplje: odločen da rabi v medical namene, manj glede uporabe za zasebni namen

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