The Norwegian Public Health Association: A Norwegian cannabis club with a focus on health and rights

The Norwegian Association of Public Health is a Norwegian cannabis club that works to promote health and legal protection for cannabis users. The organization offers support for rehabilitation, raises awareness of health and the principles of the Constitution, and fights for human rights. Inspired by the Spanish Social Club model, the Public Health Association aims to provide Norwegian citizens with safe access to cannabis and protect users’ rights.

The initiator is Roar Mikalsen, who recently became widely publicized when he opened a cannabis café in central Oslo on International Cannabis Day (20th of April). Illegal cannabis with a high THC percentage was sold there. After only a few hours, the police closed the store and he is now waiting for the police investigation.

A club for cannabis consumers

The Public Health Association offers membership to cannabis users who seek the protection of the rule of law. The membership costs SEK 999 per year and gives members access to buy up to 100 grams of cannabis per month. The club focuses especially on users with medical needs, but does not differentiate between medical and recreational use. The Public Health Association believes that the prohibition of cannabis harms more than it helps, and that a regulated market would improve public health. The organization also works to find quality-conscious growers who can grow cannabis for its members.

Focus on cannabis growers

Cannabis growers play an important role in the Public Health Association. The organization is looking for growers who can contribute 1 m² of cultivation area per member and offers legal protection through AROD (Advocacy and Rights for Open Drug Policies). This initiative is intended to stand in opposition to the criminal market and promote safe and legal access to cannabis. Growers who want to participate must accept the risk associated with cultivation, but receive support from a network that works for self-determination and legal certainty.

Cooperation with the police

The Public Health Association challenges today’s drug policy and wants to cooperate with the police to ensure health and the rule of law. The organization believes that the prohibition of cannabis is unconstitutional and that the criminal law should be revised. Police legislation emphasizes that the police must protect the rule of law, and the Public Health Association argues that a regulated market for cannabis would be more effective than today’s criminalization. The organization hopes that the police will respect their work and allow members to operate in peace while they wait for legal clarification.

The Norwegian Public Health Association is a pioneer in Norway in promoting a responsible and fair approach to cannabis use. Through membership, legal support, and cooperation with growers and the police, the organization works to protect the health and rights of cannabis users. This initiative reflects a broader international trend towards the regulation and legalisation of cannabis to ensure public health and legal certainty.

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