USA: AMA voted YES to decriminalize drug possession for personal use

At its annual meeting, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted to abolish the criminal penalties for drug possession for personal use. This decision means that a highly influential organization now wants a more health-centered approach to drug use, instead of the traditional strategy of criminalization that has long dominated U.S. drug policy.

The AMA’s decision is based on extensive research showing that criminalizing drug use creates serious barriers to individuals seeking and accessing necessary care and treatment. The fear of legal repercussions discourages many from seeking help, which in turn leads to an increased risk of overdoses and other health problems. Decriminalisation is expected to reduce these fears and improve access to health services and support programmes.

Furthermore, criminalising drug use has been shown to have disproportionate negative effects on marginalised communities. Blacks and other minority groups are overrepresented in arrests and convictions related to drug possession. The AMA’s decision aims to reduce these inequalities and create a fairer healthcare environment.

By decriminalizing drug use for personal use, resources can be diverted from the justice system to public health programs that focus on treatment and support, which is more cost-effective and benefits society as a whole. Countries like Portugal and states like Oregon, which have already implemented similar reforms, have seen positive results, including reduced arrests and improved health outcomes.

This decision by the AMA represents an important shift in the perception of drug use in the United States, and it is hoped that more states will follow suit and implement similar decriminalization measures in the future.

What is AMA?

The American Medical Association (AMA) is a national organization for physicians and medical students in the United States. Founded in 1847, the AMA is one of the oldest and most influential medical organizations in the world. The organization’s main goals are to improve public health, promote medical research and education, and promote medical professionalism and ethics.

The AMA acts as an advocate for physicians and patients by influencing policies and legislation related to healthcare. They also offer a variety of resources and tools for physicians, including educational materials, clinical guidelines, and medical practice support.

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